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Organic Vegetable Gardening in Florida
This publication is by the University of Florida IFAS Extension and is a companion document to the Florida Vergetable Gardening Guide. Organic gardening differs from "conventional" gardening mainly in the areas of fertilization and pest control. The organic gardener prefers to use natural and organic materials and methods, and avoids using practices and synthetic chemicals that may be detrimental to his health or environment. Includes information about using compost piles and organic matter, animal manures, and more. Explains how much manure to use and from which animals to use it, as well as using shrub clippings, glass, pine straw, garbage, fish scraps and more into an organic compost pile. Natural and organic fertilizer section includes information about phosphorus, colloidal phosphate, potassium, potash, micronutrients, lime, and more to help grow your garden. Section about irrigation, mulching, week control, insect and disease control, organic gardening supplies, selling organic vegetables and more. Links to more information available and organic gardening supplies.

How to Start an Organic Garden in 9 Easy Steps
This article in Good Housekeeping aims to show you how to roll up your sleeves and grow your own delicious, healthful organic food in nine steps. They include: preparing the soil, making good compost, choosing the right plants, planting crops in wide beds, proper watering, weeding, protecting plants without toxic pesticides, harvesting, and cleanup. With the soil, it's important to test it, and to make sure it has plenty of humus, the organic matter. Composting is helpful and free, and this article tells you how to create and maintain a compost pile at least three-feet square. It really pays off to select plants that threive in your specific micro-conditions; a good source is the USDA's Hardiness Zones as well as your local farmers' market.

Design Your Dream Garden & Include an Outdoor Garden Fountain
If you want to design your dream garden but are having trouble trying to figure out where to get started, do give this site a look. You will get guidance through all the steps in taking your garden from the idea stage to the planting stage. Discover why you want to plan your garden out on paper first and don't be afraid to get some gardening books for ideas about style. Part of the design is determining where your outdoor fountain (if you are including one) will be located. Color is key to the effect you want to achieve, and by adding certain combinations of flowers, you can get the precise look you want. Once you have considered all of these steps, then you can start planting your garden.

The Gardening Calendar
This UK website offers monthly gardening information, advice and tips that include organic gardening. Claiming to offer inspiration for your garden, offers tips on lawn care, pruning and training, flowers. Learn how to make a kitchen garden as well. Once you have read up on the monthly garden tips, you can check out Ask George, which is a gardening reference search engine. The Editorial section of the site offers fresh ideas on plants and planting, garden design, practical tools and gadgets, beginner gardens, gardens to visit, wildlife and organic gardening, and cooking and vegetable gardening. Each topic has a long drop down menu that features a lot of advice. You can even look into joining the garden club, which has polls and forums.

Biodynamic and Organic Gardening
The Biodynamic and Organic Gardening Resource Site is aimed at the backyard gardener who desires a deeper insight into the history, mystery and science of agriculture. The links section contains many sites, which when browsed will give the reader an overview of agriculture from its beginnings in Mesopotamia to the start of modern chemical agriculture, and the reactions to our loss of the soil fertility. It goes on to explore solutions to this problem embodied in the organic methodology of Albert Howard and the biodynamic movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. You will also find suggested reading, sources of seeds, tools, biodynamic preparations and information on the new directions agriculture is taking. Includes links about agriculture history, gardening alchemy and more.

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