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HOMEdoctor.net - Home Improvement and Repair Information Exchange
HOMEdoctor.net is intended to let people exchange information on home improvement and repair. It covers a multitude of topics: appliances, washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, water softeners, water filters, heating, cooling, furnaces, air conditioning, bugs, critters, pests, varmints, electrical, wiring, energy, savings, heating, cooling, furnaces, refrigeration, lead, hazards, safety, painting, plastering, sheetrock, wallboard, plumbing, painting, staining, remodeling, repairs, fixes, tips, newsletter, ezine, homes, buildings, basements, leaks, switches, electricity, controls, thermostats, and thermocouples.

Home Maintenance and Repair Tips and Buying Guides
Home maintenance and repair is a broad topic, and this section of HouseLogic.com covers almost all of them. This page has more than 53 pages that contain articles that can help you. One of the highlights is a sub section that talks about 99-cent solutions, which helps you save money from home repairs. Other notable sub topics include how to inspect your roof and windows, how to spot foundation problems, and how to prevent water damage. You can also find tips about laundry, caring for your home appliances, buying guides, and others.

Home Maintenance and Repair Projects
Prepared by home repair expert Bob Formisano for About.com, this article features eight areas in your house that you should check especially if you are planning to sell it. On top of the list is to make sure the roof does not leak, where you can check if there tree branches and leaves that are touching the roof. The second area is the chimney, where you should make sure that there are no loose bricks or missing mortar. Gutters and downspouts should also be checked for possible clogging. Plumbing fixtures and furnace must be in good working condition, while electrical system should have proper grounding. If there are serious problems in the foundation, it is recommended to consult an expert contractor.

Several online forums on indoor and outdoor home repair topics. Indoor Home Repair forums are appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, disposals, dishwashers), electrical, flooring heating and air conditioning, painting and wall coverings, plumbing, and stenciling. The Outdoor Home Repair forums cover decks and fences, gardening and landscaping, and painting the exterior of your house.

DIY Auto Body Repair: Paint Your Car at Home
Not all auto painting is done in at an auto body shop, and Internet users who are curious about doing the work at home should check out this site. It explains the steps involved in doing auto body painting properly and points out that the majority of the time spent on auto painting is taken up by the preparation stages. The site also points out that people considering doing their own auto body painting need to familiarize themselves with local environmental regulations before starting to work. For high expert quality auto painting Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body, serving West LA and located on Westwood Blvd. just north of Olympic.

How to Make a Built-in Fire Pit for the Patio
A built-in fire pit makes a lovely addition to any outdoor patio area. Retaining wall stone is the suggested material for this project. Find out what the most challenging part of building a fire pit is by checking out this informative how-to list. Get tips for choosing the right placement for this outdoor feature, how to measure for the fire pit area and how to position granite stones near a retaining wall. You will also find suggestions for using lava rock and incorporating your fire pit design into the existing patio area in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


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