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All Fiber Arts
On this website you'll find over 1,000 pages of information, free patterns, resources and instructions for weaving, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, sewing, dyeing, spinning, papermaking, and other textile handcrafts. There's also a discussion forum and chat rooms where your can meet and interact with other people interested in the fiber arts. Here's just a small number of categories under which the site organizes its resources: braiding (kumihimo, sami, tablet), crochet, cross stitch, dyes and color (fungi and natural dyes), ethnic textiles, fiber art classes, fibers and yarns (alpaca and llama, angora rabbit, cashmere, chenille, cotton, flax and linen, hemp, mohair, sheep's wool, silk yarn), knitting, looms, patterns (crochet, drafts, knitting, weaving), rug hooking, tapestry art and yarns.

Rug Workshops
This is the website of the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This site features information about past events and upcoming Workshops/Rug Schools. Information about the annual rug camp is also highlighted. There's also a gallery on the website of a collection of stories and photos from members. And if you become a member, there are hook-in meetings around the province you can attend, and also a large list of resources on the site available for lending to members only, which include books, CDs/DVDs and slides.

Rag Rugs by Louisa and Lewis Creed
Rag Rug making is a very personal experience for Louisa and Lewis Creed. This team eats, sleeps and dreams rag rugs. Click on LOUISA and read a fascinaint article about how she goes about designing and making one of her rag rug masterpieces. For Louisa there is virtually no difference between making a rag rug and painting a rag rug. For her, bits and pirces of rags and cloth are the same thing that paints are to a painter. And when you see her completed works of art you will agree that her rag rugs are as close as anyone's every likely to come to painting with rags. There is also a profile of Lewis Creed, who came to rag rug making later than he wife, Louisa, but who is already exhibiting his works in many venues. The many photos of the Creed's rag rugs are an inspiration to anyone who is thinking of starting this ancient craft.

How to Make an Area Rug Out of a Carpet Remnant
This article shows you how to save money and make your own custom area rug out of a carpet remnant. Here's some other advantages beside the cost savings: carpet remnants may offer more color choices than prefabricated rugs you might find; in addition, remnants offer the possibility of making a rug exactly the size and shape you want. The articles provide instructions in four sections: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Turning Remnant into Rug, Finishing, and Tips & Warnings. Some key instructions: Make the size of your rug out of brown craft paper or something similar, and then roll up and take your pattern to the carpet store, especially if itís an usual shape. Once you get the remnant home, tape your pattern to the back of it with masking tape. Another good tip: practice with your carpet knife before you do the real cutting. Also, coat the edge of your rug with white glue, making a border at least 1/2 inch wide all the way around to prevent the edge of the rug from unraveling. An important tip is to make sure you get the right white glue—ask your carpet store what it recommends for carpet edging.

Top Rugs Projects on DIY Network
The DIY Network provides several do-it-yourself projects involving rugs. Some projects are explained via video, while others are explained step by step in words and pictures. Here are some of the projects: selecting an area rug, how to add wall and rug decorations to a room, make a woven woolen rug from leftover chunky wool, make a woven woolen rug from leftover yarn scraps, make a bold and beautiful rug with carpet remnants, paint a trompe l'oel rug on a stone floor, create a decorative rug using scrap vinyl floorcovering, learn how to take care of antique rag rugs, paint a canvas rug, make a fabric rug border, and learn how to design your own sisal rug with paint and stencils.

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