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5 Easy DIY Home Repair Techniques That You Should Know
There's nothing more fulfilling than living in your dream house. But as time passes by, there are things that need to be repaired. And no, you should not always depend on plumbers and repairmen. This article by Sara Elliot, in HowStuffWorks.com, explains five basic home repairs that you can do by yourself. This includes steps on how to clear a clogged toilet; how to check a leaking faucet and replace washer if needed; application of caulk or seal and how to remove old caulk; maintenance of doors; and how to prepare and paint a room like a pro. These DIY home repair techniques are very easy to follow and don't require you to be an expert.

Basic Home Care
Tips and information for homeowners including pool maintenance, carbon monoxide and home seating safety, plumbing information, caulking doors and windows and replacing window glass and screens. Also featured is information about water softeners, lead exposure and indoor air pollution.

Fitting A Kitchen by Dave's DIY Tips
This site offers help and advice on fitting your kitchen. According to the site, if you have do-it-yourself experience, you should be able to do this. Sections include the basic tool requirements, site preparation, general fitting, base units, worktops, wall units, and final finishing. The sections have instructions and pictures.

Get Roofing Repair Hints and Tips Here
Before attempting a roofing repair project personally, a homeowner should check out the process in words and pictures posted on this site. The featured project on this website is for replacing individual asphalt roof shingles which have become damaged. Other resources available here include several roofing articles on varied topics, including how to work on a steep slope roof, tips for patching holes made by an old vent, and more.

HandymanUSA - Expert Advice
This comprehensive site features instructions, links, FAQ's, and an expert forum that cover all sorts of topics for do it yourself home repair and improvement. Topics include appliances, automobiles, decks, roofing, plumbing, masonry, heating and cooling, garages, flooring and drywall. Extensive links, a newsletter, and classifieds are provided as well.

Home Repair on About.com
Edited by Bill Lewis, the home repair and home renovation site on About.com is a comprehensive resource for do-it-yourself home repair, home improvement and home renovation. Its articles and resources cover plumbing, appliances, electrical work, carpentry, floors, walls, trim floors, framing, and much more. Articles cover a plethora of interesting topics; for example, Removing a Dishwasher, Top 7 Circular Saws, Finding the Hot Wire - Safely, How to Keep Your Septic System in Good Condition, Installing Threaded Pipe, Fall Furnace Tune-up, and Installing Track Lighting,


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