Home Repair and Maintenance Resources (07)

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Don't Install Drywall Until You Read These Instructions
Whether you call it drywall, sheetrock, or wallboard, the basic instructions for installing this basic construction product are the same. The basic procedure is relatively simple, but as this article points out, an experienced building contractor has the proper tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Use the online form provided here to get quotes from up to four qualified installers in your area.

NaturalHandyman.com: Huge Database of Home Repair Tips
NaturalHandyman.com has a wide collection of home repair tips arranged in alphabetical order with many of them written by professionals in their own fields. Among the items that are used inside the house that were explained in this website are adhesive, acrylic, asbestos, bricks, carpets, cement, clothes dryer, dishwasher, fans, faucets, firewood, gas, glass, graphite, humidifier, insecticide, ladder, lead, mailbox, muriatic acid, nails, oil, oven, paint, poison, rugs, screws, septic tank, shower, smoke alarm system, tapes, TV, tiles, ventilation system, vinyl, washing machine, water system, and wood. There are also maintenance tips for attic, bathroom, driveway, fireplace, floors, kitchen, rooms, storage areas, swimming pool, wallpaper, and walls.

The Repair-Home.com Forum
Sometimes getting the help you need means asking questions in a forum filled with people who have been there, done that. That's what Repair-Home.com's blog does—it allows you to ask questions about a wide range of home repair projects and get almost instant feedback from helpful, friendly people out there who have been in your situation and found the answers that you need. After all, there's no reason in the world for you to reinvent the wheel. Some of the forum topics where you can view questions and answers by other Do-It-Yourselfers include General Repair, Electrical Systems, Heating & Cooling, Roofing, Siding, Walls, Floors & Stairs, Doors & Windows, Household Appliances, Plumbing, Pools, and Landscaping. You can also ask questions and get answers about project costs (real costs from real people who have actually done the project), and you can get helpful comments about contractors. If you need a contractor, you can even find a qualified contractor in your area.

Household Tips from the Carey Brothers of On The House
This is a huge list of general household tips of brothers James Carey and Morris Carey of On The House. Here, the Carey Brothers offer solutions to common problems at home such as how to remove a stuck-up Allen screw, how to avoid losing small parts, and how Alka Seltzer can be used to cleaning greasy pans and for clearing clogged toilets. There is a particular article that explains the different uses of baking soda other than for baking. Another article talks on how your family or house visitors can avoid from falling off the stairs.

Home Improvements—HUD
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website has a good section of information on home improvement. This site will give you the pros and cons of home improvement. You can find links to information on federal loan programs, community-based programs, and consumer information. You can also find information by state. This information can accessed be in Spanish, printed, or emailed. HUD has sections on HUD news, homes, communities, working with HUD, resources, and tools. A link to the directory will refer you to the nearest HUD office.


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