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This is the site of Jim Salmon, host of Home Repair Clinic at WHAM 1180 AM which is on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9:30. There is a phone number to call with home repair questions. The site has home repair articles, a home inspection page, a list of contractors, an email list, recommended books, and a poll. You can also find a list of Salmon’s upcoming appearances. Salmon has information on his site not related to home repair such as content about the New York area.

Home Repair Isn’t Just for the Guys Any More
"Anything BOYS CAN DO, girls can do better" is the motto of this site. A home repair site skewed toward women. There is a major article written by a woman on each of the major topics of the site: Auto and General Repair, Lawn & Garden, Woodworking, Decorating, Plumbing, and Electrical. The articles are fairly lengthy and tend to be discussions of the actual experiences of the writer as much as providing actual specific information on the topic. Articles are written to help empower women whether they are doing repairs themselves or whether they are contracting others to do the work. Women who are fairly new to home and auto repair will learn a great deal in a casual and non-threatening manner.

Home Remodeling Tips from HomeAdvisor.com
If you are planning to renovate any part or your entire house, this dedicated page of HomeAdvisor.com is a big help for you. It offers a wide selection of home renovation ideas and tons of related tips. One of its featured posts was written by former carpenter and house painter Matt Goering. Here, he gives advices about estimates for home remodels and additions. He also wrote another article on how to setup a budget plan for remodeling a house when the economy is bad. Another featured article talks about contains five home projects that are worth investing for.

Create a Patio with a Fire Pit
If you like to get information about home improvement projects in words and pictures, check out the DIY Network's pages on building a backyard patio with pavers and building a backyard fire pit. Not only do you get step-by-step instructions to follow, but you can see at a glance how much time the project will take. The total cost and estimated degree of difficulty are also included, so DIY-ers have the information they need to decide whether to tackle one of these projects.

Home Maintenance Tips from Weather.com
This dedicate page at Weather.com contains some useful home maintenance tips. This includes tips on how to maintain a fireplace, deck, sump pump, pool and spa, and gutter. A specific article is how to choose firewood while another one has advices on how to prevent water damage. You can also read helpful articles for maintaining house for different seasons and during the holidays. A separate post explains some safety guides when installing Christmas lights. There are also monthly tasks for the entire year, from January to December.

Als Home Improvement Center
Als Home Improvement Center is the site for do-it-yourself and homeowners covering all aspects of residential home repair, home improvement, remodeling, and renovation projects around the house. Featuring tips, advice, how-to articles and step-by-step information to help you maintain and improve the value of your home, including decorating, wood decks, faux finishing, insulating, and home painting tips.


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