Home Repair and Maintenance Resources (03)

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Repair Chiminea Cracks Effectively
Find out how a clay chiminea can become cracked and the right way to deal with a fire crack in the unit. The steps involved in this two-part process are outlined for owners to follow. Once the chiminea has been repaired and the area where the crack occurred has been painted, you should be able to use it for years.

Patio Fire Pit Types
Which one of the patio fire pit types available on the market is right for you? Explore your options by visiting this informative site. Once you have a firm grasp of the difference between campfire, pre-fab, chiminea and in-ground fire pits, you can start thinking about whether you can install your own or if you should be considering getting professional help for the project. No matter which way you decide to proceed, you can look forward to many enjoyable hours beside your finished patio fire pit.

Home Maintenance and Repair Tips and Buying Guides
Home maintenance and repair is a broad topic, and this section of HouseLogic.com covers almost all of them. This page has more than 53 pages that contain articles that can help you. One of the highlights is a sub section that talks about 99-cent solutions, which helps you save money from home repairs. Other notable sub topics include how to inspect your roof and windows, how to spot foundation problems, and how to prevent water damage. You can also find tips about laundry, caring for your home appliances, buying guides, and others.

Do-it-yourself home improvement and repair includes home improvement projects, hardware store, contractors, tool, home improvement how to, home repair, home repair projects, cleaning, stain removal, kitchen remodeling, plumbing, electrical, painting, gardening, and more. The site includes Community Forums hosted by home improvement and repair experts where you can ask questions and get answers.

Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains
You love your outdoor garden fountain and you want to enjoy it for years. Part of your regular maintenance routine for your outdoor fountain is to keep it clean. If you neglect this part of the plan, before you know it you will have a smelly garden fountain that doesn't have the same water flow as if you took the time to keep it clean. The step-by-step instructions posted here will help you keep your outdoor fountain looking and performing its best for a long time to come.

About.com's Home Repair Tips and Tutorials
If you are looking for tips about home repair, this dedicated page at About.com is one great source of information. Written by home repair expert Bob Formisano, among the topics covered include tutorials on how to use Plumbers putty, how to repair a dryer when clothes won't dry, how to choose the right ceiling and how installed it properly, and how to install a USB Built-in wall charger. You can also read some basic information about toilet tanks, adjustable dryer vent, switches, and many more. There are also tips on how to maintain home appliances such as humidifiers and how to use ladders safely.

Home Tips From Don Vandevort
Dan Vandevort, from the cable channel Home and Garden Television (HGTV), provides advice on home building, home improvement, home repair, and remodeling. He also sells home improvement books and related materials. He has written guides on building barbecues, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. You can buy the books through links to Amazon.com. In addition, the site has free information such as how-to instructions and articles. You can submit your own ideas as well as read other people's ideas. A section called "How Your House Works" gives you an overview of the different components of a house.


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