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Jackie Craven's Home & Garden Writing
Got leaks and squeaks? Hungry mosquitoes? Bees and mice? Drippy paint, sagging ceilings, clanging pipes? Jackie Craven wrote a monthly Q&A column in House & Garden magazine offering solutions for your troubling household dilemmas. She also wrote many home improvement articles for About.com, on such topics as updating a Victorian home without spoiling its charm, and where to begin your next remodeling project. She also did a series of articles for About.com's architecture section, on topics such as, do you need an architect to build a custom home, what to know before you biuld, how to find house plans, how to build with natural materials, how to paint your house, and what is feng shui. She's also written books titled The Healthy Home and The Stress-Free Home

Woodworking, Plumbing and Power Tool Discussions
If you're looking for good do-it-yourself information on the topics of woodworking, plumbing of power tools, see RIDGID Plumbing Forum, Woodworking Form, and Power Tool Forum. This is a blog site with several discussion groups. In the area of plumbing, for example, you'll find discussion groups titled Ask the Plumbing Experts, Professional Plumbing Discussion, Diagnostic (SeeSnake Cameras, Locators, Henadhelds), Drain Cleaning Discussion, and Drain Cleaning Discussion. The site also has some general topic discussions, such as Business Discussion, Open Discussion, and Interesting Jobsite Stories.

13 Money-Saving DIY Home Maintenance Tips
Having a concrete DIY home maintenance plan can help you save money. In this article by Sandra Parker of MoneyCrashers.com, she names some household items and how homeowners can check them and repair them themselves. Among them are toilets, faucets, washing machine and dryer, water heater, air conditioners, air filters, humidifiers, and refrigerators. Also discussed is the importance of having a regular schedule of cleaning of gutters and roof, and the key items to check. There are also some easy-to-follow tips on house painting, which include how to do touch ups to avoid cost of repainting. To save money from plumbing jobs, use a hair strainer for the bathtub drain and a drain snake for a clogged kitchen sink.

Home Maintenance Help
Provided by the Department of Environmental Design, University of Missouri-Columbia, this section of the website provides a plethoria of publications for do-it-youself home maintenance. It covers many areas of home repair, from popluming, wood porch flooring and screened doors and windows, to fixing cracks in concrete sidewalks and caulking and filling cracks around windows and doors. There are publications on exterior painting and wood finishing, as well as how to restore funiture, and much more.

Expert Advice For Repairing And Renovating Mobile And Manufactured Homes Or Trailers
Consists of expert "Do It Yourself" mobile and manufactured home repair and renovation advice from self-proclaimed "mobile home doctor" Paul D. Krause. As a MHD-3 in the State of New Mexico, Krause was licensed to do all types of mobile home repair work, including carpentry, plumbing, gas and electrical work. Key expert advice on his site entails discussions on various equipment needed in mobile home repair, such as air tools, hand tools, electrical tools, drills, jacks, saws, snakes and wrenches, along with a rundown on basic materials like carpet, putty tape, caulk, screws and nails, wood and drywall compound. Information on appliances, cabinets, ceilings, countertops, doors, walls, drain lines, flooring, gas lines, heating and cooling, plumbing fixtures, roofing, set up and tear-down including transporting, water lines and windows also can be found using the search function. This self-proclaimed "mobile home doctor" claims that his more than 100 pages of advice and photos will empower even the inexperienced to "accurately diagnose structural, electrical, gas, plumbing and other repair problems; effectively communicate with vendors and suppliers; confidently shop for parts, tools, materials and services; and renovate and rebuild homes."

Manual for Manufactured and Mobile Home Repairs and Upgrades
Help for the consumer needing to repair or just plain understand their manufactured home is available here. Choose from articles on adding on to your mobile home, cutting down a new exterior door, installing a ceiling fan, adding a fixture shut-off value, tightening a loose electrical outlet box, leveling your home and determining whether rubber roofing is right for you or news on how HUD can help in emergency situation and the questions you should ask before purchasing a manufactured home. Seasonal tips, like information on furnaces, appear from time-to-time, and consumers can place ads for buying and selling mobile homes.


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