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10 Reasons to Invest in Spain's Real Estate Market
According to this LinkedIn article, the most important reasons behind Spain's new celebrity status as a promising real-estate investment destination are the country's economic recovery and the Golden Visa rule that allows potential investors and their family members travel within the Schengen area without visas. The top 10 reason cited for investing in this country include economic recovery, low prices, the rise of tourism, direct flight from UAE, Golden Visa rule, the growth of rental properties, the presence of celebrity investors, potential for price growth, growing markets, and easy access to credits. The article also points out that the commercial real-estate market shows more promise in this country.

Economic Outlook for European Hotels
PricewaterhouseCooper in this article tells how anticipations amidst which the European cities hotel survive. While the hotel industry has worked really well in 2015, it is expected that the trading fundamentals will turn even better for the year 2016 and 2017. It further lists down the cities that will record the highest RevPAR. The article also discusses the economic, travel and supply scenario explicitly and shows us how these parameters are likely to excel in the coming days. The impact of fall in oil prices, different risk factors like data theft and cyber security are brought to the limelight. Finally, it also gives an overview of 2015 single asset transaction market.

5 Basic Tips for Investing in Real Estate
Here are five great tips on RE investing from a Huffington Post article. The author, a seasoned investor himself, offers these sound tips for someone new to real estate. The five tips include assessing the property location carefully before making a buying decision; identifying whole sale properties with price discounts; choosing a building that enables claiming tax deduction over a period of 27 years for a residential property, and over 30 years for commercial property; maintaining an excellent credit rating for future loans; and ensuring that your rental property generates at least 1 percent of the price of the property in rentals per month.

Getting Started Investing in Commercial Real Estate
There are significant advantages to commercial real-estate investments over investments in residential properties, according to this article in Fortune Builders. Commercial properties, which include office buildings, retail, apartment buildings, warehouses, and mixed-use buildings, offer a golden opportunity to build massive wealth over a period of time. The marked advantages of commercial real-estate investments are high earnings potential, steady cash flow, attractive leasing contracts, and low vacancy risks. The downside of this part of the real estate industry is that investors in commercial spaces must do intense property research and due diligence with proper legal consultation before signing deals.

10 Top Reasons Why New Yorkers Are Investing in Miami Real Estate
According to this Luxury Life Miami blog post, the top 10 reasons why New Yorkers are investing in Miami real estate are the premier Miami Properties, the competitive prices of Miami properties, relatively low state taxes, the financial power base, the growth of business HQs, the growth of arts and culture, burgeoning fashion scene, entertainment options, and the great natural assets. Some of the implicit reasons hidden in the article's discussion may be the tourism attraction of Miami, the celebrity lifestyle, the cultural melting pot, and the unique architectural fusion in the heritage buildings.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Review
The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review website offers real estate investment wisdom to common investors. Direct real estate investing has typically generated steady 9.6 percent or more returns. Ordinary investors have never been able to enjoy the benefits of these investments as they are beyond the common investor's financial reach. The launching of crowdfunding has brought RE investments to the mainstream, where investors with little capital can buy equity stakes in large commercial properties. As numerous crowd funding sites exist, it is easy to get confused. The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review portal takes the mystery out of the game. After conducting in depth research on the crowdfunding market, the reviewers have distilled their knowledge into the site.

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