Resources on the Game of Pool/Billiards

Easy Pool Tutor
Easy Pool Tutor offers comprehensive information about learning and playing pocket billiards. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pool player, you can find plenty of good instructional articles on the website. Lessons are broken down into different topics from basic lessons in aiming, basic shot making, advanced shot making, playing safely, English or side spin, kicks and diamond systems plus practice drills and determining pool skill ratings. Articles about choosing and maintaining pool equipment, as well as links to more resources are also available.

The Finer Points of Pool
This site isn't really for beginners. If you're new to the art of pool playing you'd be better off getting your feet wet on another site. This site is run by a pool player named David Siltz and basically recounts his own experiences and the experiences of a few of his friends, as they have played pool, billiards, and snooker all across the U.S. One of the nice things about this site are the description of a wide variety of different games and challenging set-ups that can be played on a billiard or pool table. Games such as Playing God, Crucial Banks, End-Game Banks, Connecting The Dots, Shotmakers Workout and many others. You'll also find lots of stories and antidotes about pool and billiard playing.

Billiards Room 2000
Scroll down the Opening Page to the word ENTER at the bottom. This is a private site, run by a pool fanatic named Darrin Smith. On this site you will find tons of information about playing pool and about buying pool tables, pool cues, and everything else you need to undertand and enjoy the game of pool. Old hands at the sport will appreciate all of the links to pool halls and pool tournaments all over the country, as well as the links to some of the best places to get hard-to-find pool items. There are chat rooms, including live pool chat rooms where you can share your experiences or ask questions of some of the best pool players from across the country. There is a massive pool web ring which will put you in touch with virtually every pool table, pool cue and pool accessory site on the net. Learn the rules of various pool games and learn what constitutes a good pool table and how to pick a quality pool cue. If you care about the game of pool, this site is sure to have something to interest you.

Cues N Views Pool Resources
A myriad of pool resources are available, including a series of articles looking at some of the less common areas of Billiard and Snooker collecting. Articles cover such subjects as table irons and brushes, cue tippers and cutters, rests, balls, trophies and medals. Other resources include buying an old cue, pool memorabilia collecting, articles on pool legends and gurus, cigarette cards, and interviews with respected billiard celebrities. Cues n Views offers a wealth of articles and resources for people who appreciate the game.

How to Choose the Right Pool Table
An in-depth article about choosing the right pool table, including what size room is need, what to look for in a pool table including quality construction, slate, cloth and cushions, as well as the differences between veneer pool tables and solid wood tables. Also noted are tips for maintenance, including keeping pool tables dry and treating fabrics. Cloth grades are also discussed, and links to purchase various kinds of pool tables are available.

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