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Outdoor Lighting Tips and Projects on FamilyHandyman.com
This page at FamilyHandyman.com contain tips on how to install outdoor lighting. Each article has step-by-step instructions and safety precautions. If you prefer installing low-voltage outdoor lights instead of glaring floodlights, there is a dedicated article for you. You can also learn how to install a low-voltage lighting system to light up your deck even if you don’t have any electrical skills. If you want a safer home when you come at home late night, there is a guide that can help you install your own remote motion detector system. Another article has instructions on how to mount exterior light fixtures using vinyl mounting blocks.

10 Clever Lighting Design Ideas
Lighting does not just serve a functional role; it also enhances the aesthetics of a home. Good lighting can make a small room look spacious, just as bad lighting can make even an adequate-sized space look cramped and crowded. Good lighting works with the other elements in a room such as the color scheme, the selection of furniture and fixtures, and the availability of natural light. This article features ten lighting ideas homeowners can follow as they renovate their homes or plan the design of their new home. Some notable tips from the article include framing the bed with LED lights, using accent lighting, layering lighting, and using recessed LED strips.

Using Interior Lighting to Enhance Specific Rooms in Your Home
Courtesy of TheSpruce.com, you'll get the latest insight from popular home design and improvement retailers on using and placing interior lighting fixtures to enhance your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office. Interior home lighting diagrams and plans accompany articles on how to bring more lighting into your home, how to install interior lighting fixtures, and how to use specialty lighting and lighting fixtures to add depth, drama and interest to a room. Past articles and resources include facts on buying ceiling fans and choosing the right light bulbs, along with creative ways for lighting awkward spaces like hallways and entryways. Details on what interior lighting is best for reading, for dressing tables, for closets and general bedroom lighting also has been featured, as well as the latest trends in kitchen lighting, including under cabinet lighting and halogen lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Tips From a Pro
Ready to install pathway and landscape lighting in your front yard? Avoid common mistakes by following tips given by Commonwealth Landscape Lighting’s Mark Piantedosi in this article by This Old House. Common outdoor lighting errors include wiring, placement, spacing, positioning, and aesthetics. You would be able to glean helpful and easy to follow instructions about how these errors could be eliminated. If you plan to illuminate the walkway, for example, you do not need to flood it up with lights; the ideal spacing between walkway lamps is 10 to 15 feet. You would also do better to position lights properly so their glare does not hurt the eyes.

12 Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Bathroom lighting can illuminate dark spaces or provide a subtle, calming sparkle, according to this illustrated slideshow article in Better Homes & Gardens, which showcases a collection of ideas to inspire the lighting design of your own bathroom. Some of the ideas include: crystal sconces or a crystal chandelier to add glamour and sparkle to traditional decor; antique sconces above an oversized mirror to add unexpected flair to the light and bright bathroom; a blown-glass light fixture in a contemporary-style bathroom to add a touch of playfulness to a cold, hard-edged space; candlestick wall sconces, ornate details and custom-glazed cabinets for a country French style, and streamlined tube lights to enhance a sleek bath vanity while providing soft light.

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