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Outdoor Lighting Techniques from the American Lighting Association
The American Lighting Association gives you some tips on outdoor lighting. First, it reminds everyone that many cities are implementing special building codes for outdoor lighting, and that you should check with your local building inspection office before installing one. For the front entrance, it is recommended that you use wall lamps on each side of the door. There are also tips for lighting outside the garage, swimming pool, fountain, driveway, deck, patio, and others. In addition, there are suggestions on how to use lighting as added security measure for your home, and how to conserve energy as well.

A Comprehensive Guide on Bedroom Lighting on ElleDecor.com
Ideally, bedrooms should be dark. But for some people, they prefer to have more lights in it. If you’re one of them, this comprehensive guide provide by the American Lighting Association on ElleDecor.com is a great help. First, directed lighting is needed if you will read, sew, or use a computer inside your bedroom. It is recommended to have shorter or flush-mounted fixtures instead of those with longer bodies. However, you should never install lights directly over the bed because you are likely to look at once you lay on your bed. On the latter part, there is a short checklist to make sure your bedroom will have proper lighting.

Using Interior Lighting to Enhance Specific Rooms in Your Home
Courtesy of TheSpruce.com, you'll get the latest insight from popular home design and improvement retailers on using and placing interior lighting fixtures to enhance your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office. Interior home lighting diagrams and plans accompany articles on how to bring more lighting into your home, how to install interior lighting fixtures, and how to use specialty lighting and lighting fixtures to add depth, drama and interest to a room. Past articles and resources include facts on buying ceiling fans and choosing the right light bulbs, along with creative ways for lighting awkward spaces like hallways and entryways. Details on what interior lighting is best for reading, for dressing tables, for closets and general bedroom lighting also has been featured, as well as the latest trends in kitchen lighting, including under cabinet lighting and halogen lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Concepts
Outdoor lighting essentials are discussed on the Residential Design website. Lighting guru Greg Kay shares tips to create cozy, romantic, and vibrant outdoor lighting concepts. Tips include how to light statues, lighting trees and outdoor walls, making ponds glow, using dimmer lights to welcome guests, and using motion-sensor lights for added security. Includes set of links for more information about lighting concepts.

12 Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Bathroom lighting can illuminate dark spaces or provide a subtle, calming sparkle, according to this illustrated slideshow article in Better Homes & Gardens, which showcases a collection of ideas to inspire the lighting design of your own bathroom. Some of the ideas include: crystal sconces or a crystal chandelier to add glamour and sparkle to traditional decor; antique sconces above an oversized mirror to add unexpected flair to the light and bright bathroom; a blown-glass light fixture in a contemporary-style bathroom to add a touch of playfulness to a cold, hard-edged space; candlestick wall sconces, ornate details and custom-glazed cabinets for a country French style, and streamlined tube lights to enhance a sleek bath vanity while providing soft light.

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